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Ivy League Psychic Academy

4525 Main St
Amherst, NY 14226
(near Main & Harlem)

The Academy was established in 2013 by Rev. Ivy Rivera Psychic Medium, with the intent of assisting individuals in understanding and accessing their energetic and intuitive abilities.  Ivy set out with a goal to aid her students and enable them to overcome their fears and doubts. 

Today, the Academy has flourished and is known internationally as a home to energy and light workers everywhere- featuring classes and certifications in psychic mediumship, tarot, energy healing, paranormal, reiki, yoga and much more. Classes are always evolving with the times and needs of the students of all ages and levels of abilities!

We welcome national and international students to join us in our classes and offer a 'Skype-in' option for some classes for those who cannot attend in person. The academy also offers art work, hand-made jewelry, books and crafts made by local artists and authors, as well as spiritual and energetic goods (tarot decks, crystals, sage, feathers, books, etc). 

All International Students or Students looking to enroll in classes from a distance can access the classes through a live Skype feed.
*We are currently working on an online program as well*


Ivy League Psychic Academy 
Level I Psychic Mediumship Development Classes

Level I Psychic Mediumship Development class is open to all beginners who are interested in understanding and enhancing their psychic/mediumship/empathic abilities.

There is no experience required, just an open mind and heart. The ability to be psychic and communicate with spirit and spirit guides is within everyone.

If you would like to develop your skills as a Light Worker, join now and you will soon hear what spirit has been waiting to share with you! 
**SKYPE optional Class**

* All Payments are Non-Refundable*


 Pay Classs by Class for Psychic Mediumship Development Level1

Pay for Classes in Full for Psychic Mediumship Development Level 1 


Downloadable Classes
* All Payments are Non-Refundable*

**All classes downloaded from the Ivy League Psychic Academy are copyrighted by law and are not to be duplicated, sold, or taught without written permission from the owner. Ivy Rivera (owner)**

Empathic Means - Downloadable

Are you easily affected by other people's energies?  

Have you been diagnosed with Depression/Anxiety and are looking for better ways to manage your mood? Do people & animals often come to you for support? Do you inexplicably have a strange relationship with  technology/electricity? Discover if you are Empathic & learn how to manage & control your abilities. This Lecture is hosted by Rev.Ivy Rivera Psychic Medium founder & instructor of The Ivy League Psychic Academy.


Boundaries & Cord Cutting
- Downloadable

Families, Friends and Lovers...
Learn your past life, soul mate and soul group connections.
Keep what serves you and cut loose what does not


Ivy League Psychic Academy Office Renters
*Please contact Ivy before purchasing (716) 602-1391*


Hourly Renters - 10 hr package

Hourly Renters - 20 hr package