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Facebook Live Show - Your Month in Astrology - April 2018

Your Month in Astrology: A sneak peak at your month ahead, just find your sign below!

Prepared by Christina Piekarski (aka Christina Del Rey)

April Monthly 2018:

We are coming off of a very intense full moon in libra that had to do with friendship or partnerships and rebalance. Along with this energy there were some tense aspects to Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. So, there were surprises and power plays that went along with this energy that could have left us in a place without a lot of clear answers, since Mercury is still retrograde. This month we have Venus in Taurus, which is a nice energy. Venus rules Taurus and is going to make easy aspects with power player planets this month, so in one part of our lives things will seem to have a nice flow or a just seem shiner and better. We will be able to see our talents clearer and our worthiness of celebrating those talents. Venus is also the planet of love, so if you are in a relationship this can make love very indulgent or just deeper and better. The new moon in Aries on the 15th will be about taking action in one part of our life and Mercury will station direct, so things will become less confusing. I think this energy could have some shock value with it. Maybe you will shock people with your actions or its possible that people might not agree with what you are taking action on and throw their power around to make obstacles for you. We will also have two power players in the sky, both Saturn and Pluto going retrograde. This will make us go inward and look at our personal power and how we are using it to get what we want. We will have to decide if changes need to be made one area of our life. We also have a full moon on the 29th in Scorpio that will have us looking at trusting, loyalty, and merging with another. There could be a release here that you feel you can’t go back on, expect to dig deep in your psyche for this one. The moon goes on to stand across from Uranus, so there could be something unexpected attached to this culmination.


On April 2nd your ruler mars will conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. This brings structure to your actions in your career and status zone. Make sure you are following the rules and doing things by the book, practice restraint and be mindful of words. This will hopefully pay off on the 7th Venus will trine Saturn, possibly making your talents and abilities getting noticed by your superiors, possibly with financial gain or recognition. On the 14th Jupiter sextiles Pluto which might bring you a powerful and expansive opportunity in your career zone as well. Good thing that Mercury stations direct on the 15th so you can take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. The new moon is also on the 15th which is in your first house, so there will be a new way that you look at yourself or that others see you. However, there is a square here to Pluto and to mars that creates a tension or frustration around your personal power and this could involve your career area. I would be mindful of what is said here, take a step back and be sure that you don’t say something you can’t take back. On the 17th Saturn stations retrograde (5 months) in your career zone and this will have you reflecting on what is standing in the way of where you want to be in the area of career and status. This is a good time to work hard and strengthen your craft. If you do that you will be happy because the success and pay off will benefit you down the road. Pluto will station retro as well in the same area and will ask you to look within to realize where your personal power is and to surrender what is out of your control. Venus moves into your third house of communication, which could increase communication with a romantic partner or perhaps have you communicating with important people about your talents and abilities. The 26th could have you taking powerful, transformative action in your career and status. The month ends with a full moon on the 29th that could lead to an ending of a cycle in your zone of shared resources (like shared money or money that you get from other sources) or a culmination of secret information coming to the surface. This full moon stands across the sky from Uranus and in harmony with Saturn. There could be a surprise with this moon however it looks like it will ultimately benefit you in the end. This energy could have to do with money as well, that is the other way this energy could play out.

Taurus: Happy Birthday!

The month begins with mars conjunct Saturn on the 2nd and then Venus your ruler trine Saturn on the 7th. This energy could have you taking action or committing to a trip or adventure with a romantic partner. Venus on the 12th favors opportunities with groups and acquaintances, so take advantage of that. The 14th Jupiter sextiles Pluto and brings big opportunities to both your relationship zone and adventure zone. There might be an educational or travel opportunity through a key relationship or partnership that you will ultimately benefit from. Also, if there are any legal issues this is a good time to make gains. The new moon/ mercury stationing direct happens in your spiritual or hidden zone. This might be a new beginning or cycle in a spiritual endeavor or a time when you look deeply into changing your philosophies and rethink/ change your spirituality or spiritual beliefs. Pay attention to any messages that come through your dreams. This moon makes a tense aspect to both mars and Pluto so you may feel very motivated to act on these beliefs somehow. or perhaps go on a spiritual journey of some kind. The 17th also highlights individuality vs. partnership and striking a delicate balance there. There might be an opportunity that you need to take advantage of that makes a partner less than thrilled. You need to do what is best for you. This month we have both Saturn and Pluto going retrograde in the same part of the sky. For you it will be in this key area of legal matters, educational opportunities, philosophies and travel. This will be time for you to reflect on what you really want and how you are going to take control to get more of those things in your life. Venus will move into Gemini and this will put your talents and abilities to the forefront and have you feeling more confident. Around the 25th there could be a communication frustration justifying your new beliefs or actions. You might have a realization about how powerful you really are. The full moon is in your zone of relationships and partnerships, so there is a culmination or an ending of a cycle in this area. There could be something that you didn’t see coming attached to a relationship or partnership that will come to light, but whatever it is it seems to be long lasting and beneficial.


Around the fourth there is a frustration in communication that has to do with money/ investments or intimacy. Watch what you do and say and play by the rules on this one. On the 14th there could be an opportunity that promises good fortune that comes up regarding a money or investment matter. It looks like this is related to a partnership of some kind. The new moon on the 15th happens in your social groups, hopes, wishes and dreams area. There will be a new cycle beginning there and just in time because your ruler, mercury goes direct and that gives you a needed boost to make things happen. This month we will have Saturn and Pluto retrograding in the same part of the sky that rules investments, money and deep psychological stuff, (maybe control issues). You might be reflecting and figuring out your personal power and the structures you need in these areas of life. Also, where you need to work hard to get past any lingering issues that might be holding you back. This area of life heats up again around the 25th and 26th… You have a lot of thinking to do and decisions to make about opportunities in this area. The full moon on the 29th happens in your daily work and health zone so expect something to come to a head or an ending in that area. There could be a surprise attached to this moon, but ultimately will give way to long lasting opportunities that you decide if you want to take advantage of it.


The month starts out on the 7th with Venus trine Saturn which might show off your talents and abilities to groups and ultimately help you make connections to future partnerships that are stable and long term. Jupiter sextile Pluto highlights the opportunity to meet someone special if you are open to that or if you are in a partnership it is an opportunity for a fun time to have a powerful impact on your relationship or maybe this plays out where you have fortunate opportunity to work with someone on a creative and powerful, project. The new moon in areas happens at the same time that mercury stations direct. This happens in your career zone. This new moon might bring a frustrated quality with it, like you really want to make powerful moves in your career zone, but it just isn’t moving the way you want it to or you are butting heads with someone in authority. Keep pushing forward and later in the week things look like they move along much better. Don’t give up. Pluto retrogrades one week later in your relationship zone, making you reflect on your personal power in relationships and partnerships of all kinds. Lastly the full moon in Scorpio on the 29th stands across the sky from Uranus, which can always mean surprises. For you this happens in your zone of romance, children or creative projects. Expect something surprising and possibly a long last related to this area.


April 2nd starts out with mars conjunct Saturn in your zone of day to day work and health. There might be a motivation to get yourself together here in diet, exercise or take actions to just day to day tasks for the long term. These two energies together indicate frustration, so you might feel a notable frustration in this area. The energy changes when Venus trines Saturn on the 7th and will help you apply your talents in your daily life with ease and grace; it will also help you commit those talents into something productive. On the 11th the sun squares Pluto making you feel a tension to establish your personal power. You may have to stand up to someone or just make your needs known. An opportunity might present itself in your family zone, take advantage of it if that happens. The new moon is your zone of adventures, philosophy, legal matters and education. You will begin a new cycle here, which at first will seem impossible; but you should write down your intentions to motivate and manifest it anyway. Saturn and Pluto will retrograde in the sky in your daily work and health area, forcing you to re-evaluate both areas. Venus will move into Gemini come April 25 this will be a good time to get out into group settings or out with friends. The full moon in Virgo on the 29th might bring a surprise in the health or daily work area.


The month starts out with Mars conjunct Saturn in your zone of romance/ children and creativity. It might be time where you decide to take action on a creative project or relationship. You could put a lot of focus on this area, knowing that will pay off either financially or intimately. April 15th mercury will station direct in your zone of intimacy, other people’s money. Mercury direct always makes you feel a bit better because it is your ruling planet. You can now make decisions on investments and or purchases again with more ease. The new moon in Aries is also highlighting this area as a big push for you. You are likely going to start a new cycle in intimacy, investments, combining resources with a partner or maybe even a metaphysical venture. Venus moves into Gemini on April 24th. This will make your career area a little nicer or flow with more ease than usual. Your talents can be recognized at this time. The full moon on the 29th in Scorpio will bring a culmination in a matter of communication or possibly sibling matter. There could be a surprise element here.


The month starts out with Mars conjunct Saturn in your family zone. There could be a big motivation to do something that feels frustrating because it is going to take longer than you would like. When your ruler Venus trines Saturn a few days later family relationships or real estate matters will flow easier. April 15th Mercury will station direct in your partnership zone, so hopefully communication will begin to flow again. The new moon is in Aries is also in this part of the sky for you making it a great time to start a new business partnership or just begin a new cycle of connecting with a loved one. Whatever happens, there is a change that is needed to be made. On the 24th Venus is going to move into Gemini. This will make matters of travel, legal, education livelier for you. Perhaps you will plan a trip or go on vacation. The full moon on April 29th has a surprise and quick energy along with it. This will be in your zone of self-worth and the way you earn your money. Look for a culmination or an ending to a cycle here.


The energy this month focuses largely on how you assert yourself. Mars conjuncts Saturn at the start of the month with a possible communication/ neighbor or sibling matter frustration. However, things begin to get better around the 7th. There might be a positive opportunity to take action in a partnership regarding a partnership matter around April 14th right before Mercury turns direct. Wait until after the 15th to make a commitment. The new moon is in the zone of daily work, health and routine. Perhaps this will be a chance for you to commit to a healthier lifestyle, whatever change you make will be necessary to tap into your personal power to take control of this area. Pluto will retrograde in your communication zone, causing you to reflect upon your personal power in communication. Venus will move into Gemini on the 24th, this is a good time to gain on investments or just have some dreamy intimacy with a romantic partner. The full moon on the 29th happens in your first house, there is a surprise quality to this moon, so expect something unexpected. It is in your zone of self, so people may begin to see you differently than they have in the past.


The energy this month is largely focused on the area of how you earn a living and your self-worth. Mars here will conjunct with Saturn perhaps forcing you to make a move on your talents and abilities. Later Venus will trine Saturn in your house of everyday work and you will be to see how nicely things can flow together when put the work in. Jupiter sextile Pluto helps you to feel the power of opportunities that you may not have considered before, but discover you may have a talent for. Mercury will station direct April 15th and that will enable you to really get your creative juices flowing and productive, you can now make commitments, sign contracts, etc. The new moon in Aries will provide a new beginning of some kind in this area of a creative project, children or romance. Whatever it is, it will prompt you to make a move or assert your power. At the end of the month we have a full moon in Scorpio that will be a culmination in your 12th house, so something that you didn’t see before could come to light and this could be quite the surprise.


The energy is very focused on who you are or who you are becoming this month. Saturn, your ruler, gets a conjunction by mars and a trine from Venus the first week of April. This puts the focus on yourself, your body, how you see yourself or how others see you. Others could see you in a very good light right now and even recognize your talents and abilities. Feeling like flirting? The seventh of April might be a good time to take advantage of that energy if you are looking for a new partner. The new moon and Mercury direct will happen on the same day in your house of family and real estate matters, hopefully allowing more of a flow of communication here. Saturn turning retrograde is something you might feel internally more that others. You could start to re-evaluate how you want to be seen by others and reflecting on just how you want to see yourself and how you want to be viewed in the world. The full moon at the end of the month in Scorpio will be about who you can trust and may have a surprise element to it. This ending or culmination of events will happen in your house of hopes, wishes and dreams, and also groups and acquaintances.


The energy this month is very focused on privacy, hospitals, institutions, hidden actions, the metaphysical or just something that you haven’t been able to see clearly. With this energy you must be careful that you are not taking actions that will hurt you in the long run. Make sure you are seeing the big picture here. There are opportunities that may come up in the area of real estate home and family, career and something behind the scenes. After the new moon and mercury stations direct in this same area of the sky on the 15th there will be a new cycle and the energy will flow a little easier and then the answers will be clearer. On the 17th Saturn and Pluto retrograding in the same part of the sky have you reflecting on your personal power and direction in the future, however you are not ready to talk about it just yet. The full moon in Scorpio happens in your house of career and status, there will be a tipping point here of some kind and it could have a surprise, unexpected, communication attached to it.


The energy this month is very focused on hopes, dreams and groups or acquaintances. The month starts with you taking action in this area of the chart and by the end of the first week your talents and abilities could be somehow communicated in a positive light. Around the 17th opportunities may come up in this area, take full advantage. Saturn and Pluto retrograding in this area of your chart will have you deciding what groups and acquaintances, based on personal power, and which groups you want to be affiliated with and how you are going to move forward in this area. The new moon in Aries will start a new cycle in your self-worth and how you earn your money. You may have a new confidence now. The full moon in Scorpio at the end of the month could have something to do with a culmination or ending on a legal matter, a travel opportunity or educational pursuit.