Rev Ivy Rivera, Psychic Medium -
Greetings! This site stands as a bridge to enlightenment and love from the Spirit World to yours. I hope that what you're searching for will be found here, and that it leads to our crossing paths.
  Love and Blessings
 ~ Ivy
        Every Monday
     From 9PM - 10PM

The Phoenix Sisters, Psychic Mediums Ivy Rivera and Melanie Rimkus work together synergistically answering questions from callers about love, life and loved ones that have crossed over to the otherside. Ivy and Melanie's mission is to embrace the gifts Spirit has blessed them with and use these gifts with the intention of love,light,and the highest best. They embrace whatever path Spirit has led them on to help bring healing to this world. Listen to Ivy and Melanie answer questions from callers and answer your questions about the spritiual world. Each show will always offer guidance to listeners on how to tap into your own abitlites and grow yourself as a healer, intuitive or empathy.       
  (Listen to past shows through the archives anytime)
  To call in to the Phoenix Sisters   Radio show, call 347-324-3017.

    We are now offering Classes via Skype
       Contact Ivy Rivera at 716-602-1391 
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       The Phoenix Sisters Gallery
                           Gypsy Parlor
           376 Grant St, Buffalo,NY 14213
                  Friday, May 9th 2014
Ivy Rivera and Melanie Rimkus delivers messages to your group from Spirit loved ones on the other side in a gallery reading setting.
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