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This site stands as a bridge to enlighten and love from the Spirit World to yours. I hope that what you are searching for will be found here and that it leads to our crossing paths.

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Reverend Ivy Rivera is a born intuitive, empath and healer. Ivy gave her first psychic mediumship reading at the age of sixteen. As a child, she recognized her clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts and journeyed to the nearby spiritualist town of Lily Dale, New York, seeking answers and training. Upon being discovered, at fifteen years old, Ivy was encouraged to give readings under a watchful, spiritualist eye - which she has continued to do for over twenty years. Ivy is the founder and president of the Ivy League Psychic Academy located at 4511 Main Street, Amherst, New York 14226 - a school designed to better meet the rapidly growing needs of those ready to understand and embrace their own spiritual and energetic potential. Based on the firm belief that everyone has this potential, Rev Ivy has built her life's work upon the goal of bettering humanity by assisting all walks in the use of their abilities and gifts.

Ivy is available for appointments through the Ivy League Psychic Academy. All reading can be done in person, over the phone, by Skype or email. To schedule your appointment call/text (716) 602-1391 or email at,

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This Week, Guest,

Author Andrea Perron

from the Conjuring

Thursday July 16th 9-10pm

Call in live (619) 639-4606

 Join LIVEPARANORMAL.com radio host, Psychic Medium Rev. Ivy Rivera and Co Host Rev. Sean Patrick Exorcist & Psychic Investigator as they answer and give guidance to your questions through spirit for an hour of entertainment only on LIVEPARANORMAL.com and History FM


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Upcoming Rev. Tim Shaw & Michael Bastine

Author Andrea Perron, The Conjuring


Special Event

Join Ivy August as she delivers messages at the Tonwanda Castle Psychic Fair, Sunday, August 2nd 11am - 6pm Located at 69 Deleware Street, City of Tonawanda, New York 14150

Sponsored by Greater WNY Paranormal Society and the Ivy League Psychic Academy

The Tonawanda Castle Psychic Fair is an opportunity for the public to meet and have personal readings done by some of the worlds most  renowned psychics. Tickets are $5 and will include entry into the Castle, a Gallery Reading, Meet & Greet with your favorite Psychic Mediums. 


Join Ivy & Sean July 24th & 25th for LiveParanormal.com Paranormal Super Con 2015 
in Erie, PA at the Ambassador center Hilton Garden



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4511 Main Street, Amherst, New York 14226


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