Raising the next generation of Light Workers



The Academy was established in 2013 by Rev. Ivy Rivera Psychic Medium, with the intent of assisting individuals in understanding and accessing their energetic and intuitive abilities.  Ivy set out with a goal to aid her students and enable them to overcome their fears and doubts.

Today, the Academy has flourished and is known internationally as a home to energy and light workers everywhere- featuring classes and certifications in psychic mediumship, tarot, astrology, energy healing, paranormal, reiki, yoga, crystals and much more. Classes for children and adults are always evolving with the times and needs of the students of all ages and levels of abilities!

We welcome students, internationally, to attend classes via download/skype/facetime when unable to attend in person.  Visit the Academy's Spiritual shop which features tarot decks, crystals, sage, feathers, books, and more!

Ivy League Psychic Academy:  

1980 Whitehaven Rd.
Grand Island, NY 14072