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This was my first time with a psychic medium and I wasn’t too sure about them. My first reading was amazing! I can’t stop crying.
— Michael

I was at a party where you had done my reading. Being skeptical I didn’t say a word. I didn’t want to give away any clues. J
So I straight poker faced the reading.
I just wanted to say it was amazing – which I told you, but I didn’t tell you was you hit on 95 percent of things in my life.
It was pretty crazy! All from knowing I bought a vehicle to knowing I am deaf in one ear!
I let my very close friend listen to my recording as well and she agreed you hit on me and my personality.
So I was very impressed and wanted to confirm those things!
So thank you! It was great.
— Shawn

Ivy was so great! She got everything on the button. She brought my mom, and others, to me. I am so thankful for that. I will recommend her and be seeing her again.
— Jerry Mack

When I went in for a reading with Ivy, I was confused to say the least. I, as always, had a million ideas floating around in my head with zero direction. Ivy laid it out for me in an emotional and extremely clarifying reading. She not only gave me hope for my future, but helped me understand the reason I was having some of the wild thoughts I was having. She outlined not only what my future looked like but a step to step picture of how to get there. She acknowledged relationships and stresses in them, helping me understand my own role as well as the role of others. The detail was incredible, vivid, and completely accurate. I left excited for what was to come. I would highly recommend Ivy to anyone in search of clarification of their life/life’s purpose as well as anyone wishing to connect to loved ones who have passed on.
— Nichole

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