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When I started Level One, I had no idea the transition it would have on my life. I struggled with energy control my whole life which caused a lot of struggles with behavioral issues, addictive traits, anxiety attacks, and just dealing with energy on a daily basis that I didnt even know how to address. I wasnt even aware of what the cause was for most of the problems I struggled with. Ivys classes had taught me, and provided me, the cause and solution to most of the problems I’ve dealt with my whole life and after years of searching, have finally discovered how to manage all these problems. I’ve come a tremendous way from where I was a year ago and have to say that her teachings are what I would consider the best therapy you could imagine. In return, I now have to return to the universe what I had been given, which is healing others who might suffer from similar problems, or anything that I can give in return to anyone’s situation. I’ve learned my sufferings I’ve dealt with are simply just lessons I’ve had to learn to fulfill my life contract and I would not have been on the path I am on now without Ivy’s teachings. My goal is to heal others and give back and I thank Ivy for the life changing experience that I needed and I feel has been long overdue. I truly give thanks to Ivy for helping change my life and look forward to years of healing others and giving back to the universe.
— Matthew

I consider Ivy Rivera to be one of my most trusted counselors. I have known Ivy since 2015. It was
suggested to me that I go to her to connect with Spirit after my husband died. Her ability to communicate with my husband’s spirit was beyond belief. She knew words he used and details about him that no one would have known. There was simply no other way except for Ivy’s deep connection with the Other Side that could have given me the kind of peace I now have.
Since that time, I have seen Ivy once a year. EVERY time, she knows something about me that, shortly afterward, comes to be. Once I had a phone reading and it was as good and spot-on as the reading in person. I will say that I prefer to be in the room with Ivy if I have a choice, because watching her receive energy from Spirit and bring that energy to me is a sight to behold. If anyone had any doubt about the veracity of her gift, watching her work would put that doubt to rest.
She told me that she saw me training, doing some kind of training, and I completely forgot about what she said. And I doubted it. I’m old. What am I going to be training for? Less than a year later, without remembering what she said, I was drawn to volunteer at a local nonprofit organization that involved giving tours of local landmarks. I had to do 9 weeks of training. One day I looked back at my notes, and there was her vision of me, training at something. I mean, there it is. There is proof of her gift in action. She told me to look for a pattern in my life. That pattern would lead me in the right direction. I couldn’t see one. Then I met someone and it was clear that there was a pattern of years of things that I said and did that brought me to this person. So I never doubt her anymore. I just listen and wait. I could go on about her accurate and positive readings... her generosity of spirit by posting daily messages that are funny and poignant and true on Facebook… her astrology Facebook posts... her Instagram live shows... her empath courses for schools, something that is sorely needed. She generates an energy that I like and believe in and I feel a kinship to her that I hope will remain.
— Bernadette Ruof

Namaste, my name is Phillip E. Jones. After 17 years in the field of Chiropractic Health Care, and 10 years of Lecturing in the arena of Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Microbiology, I have decided to train at the Ivy League Psychic Academy. I have spent the last two decades of inquiry into the spiritual realms and have searched for the right teacher and guide. Once I met Ivy I knew I was in the right place and decided to take these classes to help work with the human energy field to enhance the healing process with my patients. I look forward to continuing this work so that I may more fully deliver healing messages and help remove energy or emotional wounds or blockages so that my patients may more fully express themselves and live fuller more enriched lives. Through this curriculum I have learned how to understand and work with my empathic abilities and have become calmer and much more grounded. Additionally, I have been able to navigate life with more ease and comfort.
— Phillip E. Jones, D.C.

I have Never had a more Accurate, Fulfilling reading in my Life! Ivy Rivera is Next Level AMAZING! In the days prior to my reading I made a list of things that I really wanted to cover in the time I spent with Ivy. I brought the list with me in anticipation of referring to it during our session. I never took the list out of my bag.... Ivy not only covered the entire list without it being mentioned, she went into details that I could have never dreamed of receiving. Ivy connected with my Spirit Guides, my Guardian Angels , so many members of my Family, and most importantly My Dad. If all this wasn’t enough, Ivy touched on my past lives and my Purpose in this life. I will forever cherish the time I spent with Ivy. She is an inspiration to Women, Light workers and Me. Thank you Ivy for your Light!
— Kristen

I had five questions I wrote down before I went in to see Ivy. Left the paper in the car. They were direct questions to Kaden (my son) ... with in the first few moments of my reading bam bam bam bam bam all answered . It was CRAZY COOL. ... Go see her . !!! Check out her face book @ Ivy Angela Rivera!!!!
— Molly

This was my first time with a psychic medium and I wasn’t too sure about them. My first reading was amazing! I can’t stop crying.
— Michael

I was at a party where you had done my reading. Being skeptical I didn’t say a word. I didn’t want to give away any clues.
So I straight poker faced the reading.
I just wanted to say it was amazing – which I told you, but I didn’t tell you was you hit on 95 percent of things in my life.
It was pretty crazy! All from knowing I bought a vehicle to knowing I am deaf in one ear!
I let my very close friend listen to my recording as well and she agreed you hit on me and my personality.
So I was very impressed and wanted to confirm those things!
So thank you! It was great.
— Shawn

Ivy was so great! She got everything on the button. She brought my mom, and others, to me. I am so thankful for that. I will recommend her and be seeing her again.
— Jerry Mack

When I went in for a reading with Ivy, I was confused to say the least. I, as always, had a million ideas floating around in my head with zero direction. Ivy laid it out for me in an emotional and extremely clarifying reading. She not only gave me hope for my future, but helped me understand the reason I was having some of the wild thoughts I was having. She outlined not only what my future looked like but a step to step picture of how to get there. She acknowledged relationships and stresses in them, helping me understand my own role as well as the role of others. The detail was incredible, vivid, and completely accurate. I left excited for what was to come. I would highly recommend Ivy to anyone in search of clarification of their life/life’s purpose as well as anyone wishing to connect to loved ones who have passed on.
— Nichole

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